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Engineering, Procurement
and construction

Our partners represent equipment manufacturers from German ABB to Taiwanese Bitmain. We are trusted suppliers and are ready to bring equipment anywhere in the world at your request.

All our contacts and partners are also used for the execution of our EPC contacts and infrastructure projects.


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    Placing an order
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    Start of operation
  • Procurement

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    Genetic Engineering is primarily an EPCM company of a new generation. We use innovative technologies such as blockchain, sensors, limitless computing power, geo-positioning satellites, satellite sensing and other technologies that help us optimize and automate our supply chains.

  • Logistics hubs

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    Genesis Engineering is a partner in large logistics hubs around the world, which allows you to effectively manage logistics capacities and not break supply chains. This helps us to close our clients' projects during

  • Chains of connections

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    Our extensive network of contacts and partners around the world allows you to quickly and efficiently organize logistics of any scale anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the decentralized resource management system, which we at Genesis Engineering have been honing for years and are constantly improving

Our Core

GE quality in all works through active project management at all stages of the project. Detailed checks in accordance with the highest quality standards are carried out throughout the entire process of supplying the equipment from production to the complete commissioning of the equipment by the customer.

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    Electrical equipment
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    Construction equipment
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    Power generation systems
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    Water treatment systems and desalination
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    Mining hardware

Our services.

  • 01

    Logistics to the nearest point in the world with real-time monitoring.

  • 02

    Procurement planning, including high-tech assets.

  • 03

    Commissioning of the supplied equipment and creation of training centers for equipment operation.

  • 04

    Compliance and development of ecological and green growth and minimization of the carbon footprint.

  • 05

    Replacement and disposal of obsolete equipment.