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Construction of industrial
real estate

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    Design and development of logistics
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    On-site material handling
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    Building activities
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    Completion of the construction phase
  • Sensor network

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    We are developing our own sensor system thanks to which our clients can monitor their project in real time with all the important data

  • Composite materials

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    Our philosophy is to use carbon neutral tools and materials for the construction of our clients' facilities. We develop these materials with Genesis Engineering and produce them from leading factories in the world

  • Construction

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    No other worldwide company can claim a heritage of innovation as deep and broad as GE. We are has pioneered technologies that have spurred world-transforming changed and improved the lives.

Our Core

Construction of power plants, logistics complexes and data centers, as well as modern residential real estate such as skyscrapers and residential apartments

The GE profile is a full range of works for the implementation of a construction project. We design, build, reconstruct objects of any complexity and purpose. We use advanced technologies in the planning, design and construction of industrial facilities.

When creating our company, in addition to the construction base, our own design bureau was created: we assembled a strong team of qualified professionals who will take your project from idea to full implementation.

GE provides a full range of construction services.

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    We build an object of any complexity from power plants to skyscrapers with a complete autonomous infrastructure
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    With the help of our developments and experience, you can heat houses and any other infrastructure in hard-to-reach places using the immersion method
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    The possibility of utilization of associated gas during the development of oil products. We can utilize associated gas and purchase it into cheap energy to provide your infrastructure Reply

Reliable partner
Contractor for your project

  • 01
    Care for nature

    Utilization of associated gas and its formation into clean energy in accordance with all environmental standards.

  • 02

    Construction power plants, data centers, logistics hubs and modern residential areas. Development of complex infrastructure projects.

  • 03

    Reconstruction of commercial and industrial real estate.

  • 04
    Technical support

    Technical support of constructed industrial and commercial facilities.