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New design
uncovering complexity to increase predictability.

We solve problems. Whether we support you in resource exploration and development, maintenance and maximization of existing wells, or end-of-life preparation, we work to simplify complex tasks, increase cost and schedule predictability, and maximize value.

Our engineering engineering team takes care of time and resource constraints and finds solutions to overcome technical problems that you cannot handle on your own so that you can focus on your core experience.

When experience is important, contact us.

  • Experience

    Designed and realized projects all over the world
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    Operator's clients
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    Project development and market analysis
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  • Engineering

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    Experience and modern technologies allow us at Genetic Engineering to implement the most daring and ambitious projects for a wide range of tasks

  • Eternal reliability

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    Our partners are suppliers with an impeccable reputation for manufacturing and servicing equipment for any task. We understand the importance of having confidence in critical infrastructure

  • across
    the planet

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    Our specialists can provide services anywhere in the world and in the most inaccessible places. Thanks to this experience, you will be able to optimize resources and time for the development and commissioning of your project

throughout the entire life cycle.

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    Research (feasibility study, concepts, estimates)
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    Accompanying and consulting at all stages of contact
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    Professional engineers and designers
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    Innovative methods of calculation and problem solving


Our customers benefit most when we combine our design, operation, commissioning and engineering capabilities to provide significant synergies and innovation.

By combining our internal experience to provide integrated volumes, we reduce the number of project interfaces and can optimize the comprehensive provision of services, as well as control, and often reduce costs.

GE quality in all works through active project management at all stages of the project. Detailed inspections to the highest quality standards are carried out throughout the construction process, including earthworks and roadworks, internal and external electromechanical network, licensing, testing and commissioning. In cooperation with recognized certified laboratories, all materials included in the project are tested in accordance with the project specifications and all applicable regulations.

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    Project launch and post-maintenance
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    Creation of knowledge base and scripts for working personnel. Project commissioning
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    Creation of logistics and start of construction
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    Design document
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    Market research
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    Project launch and post-maintenance

Flexible commercial
models and global buying power.

When it comes to financing your project, we will work together to identify the right commercial model for you – from reimbursable and risk and reward, to lump-sum turnkey project delivery.

You can trust our capable teams to bring the right energy, every time.