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Our Responsibility
for Commissioning the Project

We treat our work with full responsibility. We understand that many resources and human lives depend on our professionalism. We are fully responsible for each of our projects and for each of our employees.

We are always ready for productive cooperation and implementation of highly complex infrastructure and energy projects around the world.

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    High expertise

    Expanded analytics with dashboards.

  • 02
    Motivations to action

    Ways to solve problems and guaranteed profit.

  • 03

    Long-term consulting support for our clients.

  • 04
    Flexible collaboration

    EPCM contract options for your project.

  • Project commissioning

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    One of our main competencies is the commissioning of facilities of any complexity. Thanks to modern technologies and proper management, our projects serve our clients for a long time and as intended.

  • Smart technologies

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    At GE, we adhere to smart technologies and limitless computing power, which helps us in the development and commissioning of projects for our customers

  • Communications

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    Our principle is to always interact with our clients at all stages of the project and give quick and high-quality feedback.

Our Core

  • 01

    We allocate a specific market and place for the future project to create a sustainable design

  • 02
    Planning During Design and Construction Phases

    We develop the design and capacity and goals of the project. Be sure to prescribe and, if necessary, create new supply chains for uninterrupted supply

  • 03
    Procurement – Factory Acceptance Testing

    We purchase all the necessary equipment and materials for the implementation of the design project

  • 04

    In parallel with the purchases, we begin to prepare a site for construction and after a complete purchase, we begin construction according to the design document

  • 05

    After the completion of the construction phase, we begin to prepare the facility for launch. We check the entire system of the facility several times and prescribe knowledge bases and scripts for personnel

  • 06

    After the successful completion of the project, we can also administer and maintain the object on the contract